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Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

We are constantly on the look out for young dynamic people to join our exciting team. Every person employed by the team plays an important role in not only the wellbeing of our current staff and riders but also the development of young riders into World Class athletes. Think you have what it takes, look at the current jobs on offer…

Are you a focused, understanding, multi-tasked, qualified, creative thinking individual?

In the racing environment, you will have to deal with everything, not just your own tasks, but the tasks of others plus ones even we did not know existed! Each day on the team can and will be different. You need to be eager to learn new skills, be dependable, adaptable, resilient and resourceful. Can you drive, build, mechanic, cook, clean, rub down, run, cycle, go to bed last, wake up first (but still party…)?

Positions available:
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